A National Institutional Analysis Report , business and finance homework help

Requirements: a National Institutional Analysis Report (NIAR), students will select a country ( Canada) that will become the focus of this research paper and must rationalize and justify choice of country. In this assignment, the student examines how the institutional environment of their chosen country has given rise to the particular business environment challenges we address in the course. Students will discuss how these business environment challenges might affect firms and managers operating in that environment and outline a series of strategic recommendations for managers. The final assignment, which must not be more than eight (8) pages. Every effort should be made to incorporate class concepts into your write-up. It is important that your paper contains concluding summary and managerial implications. It must also provide general recommendations for managers to help them cope with the challenges and leverage the opportunities of your country’s institutional environment.

Attached file for the summary of the book required in this assignment.

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