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  1.  Go to Chapter 4 (below paragraph). Paraphrase below paragraph under the “Introduction” section (page 59). Be sure to include the proper (APA) in-text citation, e.g., Sims (2009) claims…

As the interest in teaching business ethics grows among faculty, the debate about who should teach this topic begins. Because many business faculty have not had formal training in ethics, the argument is made the faculty trained specifically in ethics should assume this responsibility (see Frederick, 1998; Klein, 1998). One of the consistent argument against ethics faculty, many of whom are trained from within the philosophy field, is that philosopher do not always have the requisite experience or background in the business to be convincing to student (see Oddo, 1997; Sims, 2000). 

Text Book:

Sims, R.(2002). Teaching Business Ethics for Effective Learning. Westport, US: Greenwood Press. Retrieved from

2. Go to Chapter 5 (below paragraph). Paraphrase the first paragraph (“Today’s business leaders…”. Be sure to include the proper (APA) in-text citation, e.g., moon (2001)

TODAY’S BUSINESS LEADERS can find themselves squeezed by a pincer of pressures. On one side is pressure to show entrepreneurial flair by exploiting the commercial opportunities offered by new technology, globalisation and the new knowledge economy. On the other side, leaders need to respond to growing expectations and demands among customers and non-governmental organisation (NGOS) for the greater accountability and social responsibility. 

Text Book:

Moon, C., Bonny, C., & Bloom, S. (2001). Business Ethics: Facing up to the Issues. Princeton, GB: Economist Books. Retrieved from


I have attached snap shot of chapter 4 & 5 paragraph and its author information. ( both chapter are from diferent text book and author) . 

It must be acceptable paraphrasing 

( see attached How to Avoid Plagiarism: Paraphrasing & Summarising ( Page 4-9)

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