/analytical perspective

  • What is Dumping Syndrome and what are some interventions to help prevent its development?2 1/2 pages scientific 2 1/2 pages mathematical

    Compose a brief and focused paper which explains and describes your healthcare issue/topic from a scientific and/or mathematical/analytical perspective of inquiry.

    Your paper must be 5  pages in length and reference 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow APA formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering, etc.) as you demonstrate informative, explanatory, descriptive writing. Use the provided tem=9oplate.

    • Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions, developed to provide specific and detailed inquiry, discovery and understanding:
      • Choose a “Level 1 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” from either or both of the lists below to answer in the paper.
      • Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research and writing
    • State your research questions in the introduction of your paper.
    • Form the body of your paper by answering each research question, using references to the resources found in your research.
    • Review the process and the resulting understandings in the conclusion of the paper (briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.)

    Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts
    SCIENTIFIC Perspective of Inquiry

    Which body systems are affected?

    level II Research Question


        How does PTSD effect the body? and what are the symptoms of PTSD? 

    Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts
    MATHEMATICAL/ANALYTICAL Perspective of Inquiry

    What are the statistical facts related to the issue?

    Level II Research Questions/Writing Prompts MATHEMATICAL/ANALYTICAL Perspective of Inquiry

       What would be the statistical cost of treating PTSD?

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