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Detailed Analysis and Application of the Selected Classic Model

As the Signature Assignment in this course, the Week 11 assignment is designed to give you a chance to demonstrate what you have learned throughout this course. In this course, you have studied six different MFT models that are considered “classic” models because they are based on systems theory. You have also learned about how a therapy model is used in developing an understanding of a client (case conceptualization) and designing a course of therapy to help the client change (treatment planning).

Instructions regarding AATBS materials, the readings listed below will be found in the following volumes:

  California Exam Volume II – Treatment Planning and Treatment (focus on the information about this model)
  National Exam Book –Treatment (focus on the information about this theory)

Be sure to carefully review this week’s resources. Also, review resources from previous weeks that are applicable to the selected Classic Model. You will be expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.

Books and Resources for this Week:

Reference Instruction
Gehart, D. R. (2014) Mastering competencies in family therapy
Review the information in Chapters 4-8 about the selected model
Reference Instruction
Major Marriage and Family Therapy Models.
Review Document
Reference Instruction
PowerPoint – Chapter 4 Systemic Therapy MCFT
Chapter 4 Systemic Therapy MCFT.pptx
Review PowerPoint
PowerPoint – Chapter 5 Structural Therapy MCFT
Chapter 5 Structural Therapy MCFT.pptx
Review PowerPoint
PowerPoint – Chapter 6 Experiential MCFT
Chapter 6 Experiential MCFT.pptx
Review PowerPoint
PowerPoint – Chapter 7 intergenerational therapy MCFT
Chapter 7 intergenerational therapy MCFT.pptx
Review PowerPoint
PowerPoint – Chapter 8 CBT MCFT
Chapter 8 CBT MCFT.pptx
Review PowerPoint

Your work in this week will focus on one of the models you have studied in this course. Your task in your Signature Assignment is to demonstrate thorough knowledge of your chosen therapy model, including how the model approaches both case conceptualization and treating planning. To do this, you are expected to describe the model’s main assumptions and concepts and then apply this model to conceptualize and design a course of treatment for a family from your chosen movie. (select a different movie from the one selected for Week 3).

You can find these movies on Netflix (or other subscription video streaming website), Red Box (or video store), or at your local public library.

Antwone Fisher
Big Fish
Dan in Real Life
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Father of the Bride (1 or 2)
Jenny’s Wedding
Keeping the Faith
Love & Basketball
Madea’s Big Happy Family
Madea’s Family Reunion
Mildred Pierce
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Ordinary People
On Golden Pond
Pursuit of Happyness
Real Women Have Curves
Seasons 1 OR 2 of Downton Abbey
Sleepless in Seattle
The Blind Side
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
While you were Sleeping
The Kids Are Alright

I. Introduction to the paper (overview of what you’ll be doing in paper, which is to describe your chosen model and the apply this model to a case from a movie)

II. Describe your chosen therapy model 

A. Thoroughly articulate the component parts of your selected Classic Model, including a specific illustration of why this model can be considered among approaches based on systems-based theories.

B. Describe the main assumptions and concepts from your model. This includes the model’s assessment concepts concerning families and family functioning, its main goals and interventions, and its view of the role of the therapist, and its view of what the goals of therapy are. (This is one of the most important sections of your paper, so focus your energy here and on IV B. This section may include some information from the articles you located in week 10.)

C. Critique of your chosen model (discuss any possible limitations from this model, perhaps discuss cultural competency of the model, discuss any shortcomings of the model based on the research articles you located.)

III. Apply the model to the family from the movie

A. Provide a brief background on the family (this is not a scene-by-scene overview of the movie; it should be a paragraph or two that provides relevant information about the family and the challenges they’re facing; see examples of case studies in Gehart, 2014)

B. Discuss how the model’s most important concepts apply to the family from the movie. What you are doing here is conceptualizing the case using your chosen model’s assessment concepts. (This is one of the most important sections of your paper, so focus your energy here and on II.)

C. Discuss any limitations to using this model with the family from your movie. This might include cultural considerations or other possible limitations.

IV. Develop a treatment plan to treat the family. Present a complete treatment plan that uses your model to develop goals and interventions that are specific to the family from your chosen movie. Your focus here is specifically on a treatment plan (as opposed to case conceptualization, which you have already done). Look at the treatment plan examples in Gehart, 2014, for guidance. You should format the treatment plan as you would during therapy (with appropriate labels/numbers for goals, etc.) rather than just writing in paragraph format. Explain what the focus of therapy might be, if you were to work with this family in therapy. The treatment plan should be centered in the selected Classic Model.

V. Conclusion- Summarize the main points of your paper.

To successfully complete this assignment you are required to apply your knowledge of the selected model to the case conceptualization and treatment planning. Please do not provide a detailed description of the movie or a standard template of a treatment plan that could be found in the Gehart text. Rather select a specific situation in a movie and/or utilize movie characters to create a specific case scenario that you will then address in your case-specific treatment plan. All three pieces of your essay (case description, model application, and treatment plan) should demonstrate a whole, where your professor will be able to follow your understanding and application of a specific Classic MFT model. 

Length:  9-12 pages – excluding the title and references pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.

1.0  Articulate the primary concepts of the classic and intergenerational models of Marriage and Family Therapy.

2.0  Synthesize specific concepts of the key classic and intergenerational models of therapy.

3.0  Critique classic and intergenerational models of therapy in the professional literature.

4.0  Evaluate the degree to which classic and intergenerational models of family therapy address issues of diversity including, age, culture, spirituality, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

5.0  Integrate systems theory and systemic thinking into the process of treatment planning.

6.0  Appraise the use of treatment plans for working with families using classic and intergenerational models of therapy.

7.0  Appraise family dynamics in your family of origin and use that knowledge to further your development as a MFT.

8.0  Develop the foundation of your own personal model of therapy.

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