argg essay

prof. email :Make sure your intro paragraph includes information about your primary source which is the movie you choose for your research paper. Include the movies’ name,director and date it is completed. Thus, much of the same format you have been taught for intro paragraphs and how you need to set up the discussion before you get to the thesis statement is the same. The only difference for this intro is that you will begin it with: “this annotated bibliography surveys….”

The second part of the bib are the entries which are the result of your research. You only need 5 resources worth 10 points each.

Follow the format I have attached exactly. You get 50 points for the intro paragraph and 50 points for the entries after the intro paragraph.

– 3 point thesis

– intro paragraph only

– the movies is : 13th ( can be found on netflix )

example is below intro below

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