Audit Reports, accounting assignment help

Please do not accept if you cannot meet deadline or do not understand.  This can be for any company filing on website

I need a help wit a paper of approximately 500 words  that respond to the following questions with thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates.  

Obtain an audit report of a publicly held company. Audit reports can be found on the company Web site or on the SEC Web site at Provide a brief description on the company and discuss the outcome of the audit report, to include the following:

  • Opinion given from the accounting firm
  • Any issues or errors noted
  • If the opinion provides the audit’s assurance on the financial statements.
  • Objectives: 
    • Analyze the unqualified audit report and identify the required circumstances and wording for the modification of the standard audit report.
    • Develop components of an audit.
    • Explain audit review and documentation.
    • Judge the levels of risk and create a final audit plan.

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