Background Information: The competition for cell phone market share and market dominance continues to rise, business and finance homework help

Background Information:

The competition for cell phone market share and market dominance continues to rise as three of the largest cell phone companies vie for corporate and consumer sales. Research in Motion (Renamed Blackberry) originally dominated the cell phone market for years with its Blackberry smart phone geared towards messaging and email functionality and security. Then Samsung and Apple introduced their own smart phones. These newer phones offered data communication functionality but included social functionality as well. Samsung’s Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone series provide users the ability to combine music, photos, and Internet search capability to socially connect with their family, friends, associates, and the world. They quickly over-took Blackberry’s market share and currently battle each other for the number one position in the cell phone market. Left with a dwindling market share, Blackberry has made a bold move to recapture market positioning with the development and launch of the Blackberry Z10.

Project Overview:

You are an E-Business Strategy Consultant. You are hired by Blackberry, Samsung, or Apple. Each company believes their success will come from an e-Business strategy that will connect them more effectively to the consumer and corporate markets. The strategy they adopt must set them apart from their main competitors. Your job is to conduct industry and competitive research for your client and develop an e-Business model and strategic plan to become the number one cell phone provider. For this project, you can choose which of these three companies hires you.

Project Detail and Requirements:

  1. Select which company – Blackberry, Samsung or Apple – that you will be hired by. The company you choose to hire you will be identified as company A and the two other companies are identified as Companies B and C in these project requirements that follow.
  2. Research and provide a brief history and description of each of the three companies in the development and market growth of their smart phone. In your description of each company identify:
  3. Conduct a SWOT analysis on Company A and a Competitive SWOT analysis (C-SWOT) on each of companies B and C. Research what a SWOT and C-SWOT are if you are not familiar with these strategic planning tools.
  • -Their history from their beginning to current day. Use specific dates.
  • -Their latest phone and current sales of that phone.
  • – The single feature of that makes this company unique from the other two.
  • -The use of traditional advertising methods – radio, TV, and print advertising methods used by each company.
  • -The use of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogs and other social media
  • -A description of external forces, the market and Company A’s target customers
  • -Company A’s core business products and services
  • -The main problem that Company A faces that must be overcome to maintain or increase its market share. This is based on current facts and your opinion about company A’s challenges.
  • -The e-Business model that will be recommended and a description of that model as it applies to company A
  • -The e-business strategy and model interplay recommended for company A. (Recall your assignments).
  • -Describe how company A will address problems of security for both data and attempts at fraud and other risks.
  • -Describe how company A will incorporate supply chain management into its e-business model and strategy.
  • -Describe how CRM and social media are used in company A’s e-business model and strategy.
  • -Describe how this model and strategy will achieve the goal of market share dominance.

Guideline – 250 words for each company

Guideline – Create a chart for each SWOT and C-SWOT. You can create the charts in WORD using the Table tool or create the charts in Excel and Insert the Excel chart into your WORD document. Do not create a separate file for the charts. They must be part of this project’s report.

4. Conduct the SWOT and C-SWOT analyses.

Example: For company A, identify its strengths and how those strengths will enable it to pursue its opportunities. Then identify the weaknesses of companies B and C and how these weaknesses provide an opportunity for Company A to capture more market share.

Guideline – 500 words

5. Research and then compare how each of these companies uses the Internet and social media to communicate with its markets and the word.

Include in your research and comparison:

Guideline – 250 words for each company

6. Using the information from requirements 2,3, 4, 5 and this course, develop an e-Business model and strategy for Company A using the principles learned in this course about e-Business models and strategy.

This section should include:

Guideline – 2000 words – This not a research and report on how Company A currently addresses these e-Business components. These are your recommendations for what Company A should implement to be the number one cell phone provider. Be creative but realistic and apply good e-business and e-commerce principles learned in this course.

7. Your pay from Company A is based on their ability to achieve the objective of market share dominance by the end of 2014. Describe how metrics will be used by you and Company A to measure its e-business and e-commerce performance after your recommendations are implemented.

Guideline – 500 words

Report Specifications:

  • The report should be 10 to 15 pages in length including cover page, table of contents, and bibliography. Use 12 point font and 1.5 spacing.
  • All sources must be referenced in a bibliography. Proper footnoting of any direct quotes must be used.

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