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You are going to produce a report on the subject given below about some of the most important inventors and scientists of our time. It must fully comply with APA format (other than the title page and abstract). This is an individual report but two students may have the same subject. This is not a group project. Here are the instructions:

1. Subject is ” Alexander Bell”

2. The length of the paper excluding cover page and original assignment page should be between 4-10 pages.

3. Your paper needs to have at least 8 unique resources, not more than 2 can be from internet, a video and a document. Others can be from textbooks, professional journal, magazines, newspapers, U.S. government publications, CDs, etc. Again not more than 2 from each group, and not from the same names. For example, if you cite an article from Baltimore Sun, no other resource should be used from Baltimore Sun.

4. For every resource, you need to take a picture of yourself with that resource and include it in your report. If it is a book from library, then a picture of you and that book. If it is a page from Internet, a picture of you and the monitor screen and so on.

5. Your report should have at least one chart and one table that you have made using data that you have collected yourself. You can use Excel to create your chart (like a pie chart, histogram, etc.) but the table needs to be done using MS Word.

NOTE: please send me the link for each source to take picture of myself with that source as needed above.

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