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Despite the relative brevity of Book 1, it provides many avenues toward analysis and application. One of these has to do with the form of Book 1:  In what ways is it an autobiography, and in what ways is it very different from what we ordinarily consider the traits of an autobiography?Then we can pursue individually the main themes that are woven throughout the units of Book 1; these include the following: (1) the longing that every human soul possesses to find God and to praise him; (2) original sin—the principle of sin and movement away from God with which everyone is born; (3) the narrator’s continuous interaction with God, with prayer serving as the means of that interaction; and (4) the adult and wise narrator’s assessment of his early life. At what points do these themes enter Book 1, and what specific things should we note about each one?The impressionistic question is always relevant: What interests you most in Book 1, and what do you find most enjoyable and/or instructive?The question of personal application is also relevant: What form have Augustine’s experiences and observations taken in your own life? 

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