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On a weekly basis, students will read and reflect on each of the thirteen Books of Confessions. Each reflection should be 2-3 paragraphs and engage directly with the “For Reflection or Discussion” For Reflection or Discussion (from the Ryken course):One of the best ways to assimilate Book 3 is to trace the places where Augustine, as he addresses God directly in the stance of prayer, asserts that God was using the negative events of his life (sexual indulgence, obsession with plays, embracing  of heresy) to gradually bring Augustine to faith   in him. Exactly how was this “hound of heaven” (divine pursuit) principle at work in Augustine’s various missteps? Then we can reflect on how the same principle has been evident in our own lives.Additionally, Augustine’s analysis of the topics he takes up invites us to agree or disagree with him, so as readers we need to accept that challenge. Third, in his analysis of the errors of Manichaeism, Augustine repeatedly uses the formula “I did not yet know . . . ,” and then outlines a point of Christian doctrine; this opens the door for us to carefully ponder the points of Christian doctrine that Augustine tucks into Book 3.  

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