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For Reflection or Discussion (from the Ryken course):The rhythm of the early books of the Confessions consists of Augustine’s putting a few events from his life before the reader and then subjecting them to analysis, chiefly from the perspective of someone who came to faith and is critical of his life before his conversion. A profitable question to ponder is why Augustine chose these events for sharing with his readers and for analysis.A second rhythm consists of Augustine’s regularly interspersing prayers to God in which he claims that in the external events of his misguided life, God was actually bringing him ever closer to the truth; our task is to see how these claims are true. Related to that, early in Book 4 Augustine says that he will “confess to you [God] my shame, since it is for your praise.” How is this claim true of the accusations that Augustine heaps on himself?Finally, Book 4 can be read as a meditation on the experiences of death and mortality: What does it say about these things, and what have been your own experiences of them?  

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