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You will be writing a business plan. Please respond with 12 font time roman, citations, and references. Please follow the  instructions below:

A key to writing business plan is to clearly outline the contents of your business plan as follows:

1.  Begin with a cover sheet with the title of your project, date of submission, your name, and your email address.

2.  Construct a one page Table of Contents which outlines the sections of your business plan.

3.  Write an “Introduction” section of the business plan. This will include a description of your project and a brief statement of how you see the project fitting into your program of studies and areas of professional interest. This should be 1-2 pages in length.

4.  Write an “Expected Outcomes or Alternatives” section. Describe the expected outcomes or alternatives that you anticipate from completing this business plan. This may be speculative at this point in time, but we simply wish you to consider what outcomes you deem possible from this assignment. You should also comment here on the personal and/or organizational benefits that may likely flow from completing this business plan. This should be 1-3 pages in length.

5.  Write a “Key to Business Plan Success” section. This should be a brief statement of what you believe would make your business plan a success. If you were asked to evaluate this business plan at this point in the process, what criteria would you recommend as being useful in conducting such an evaluation.

6.  Write a “Business Description”. Here you will paint a vivid a picture of your company’s vision and the breakthrough idea your plan offers to the market.

o  Identify any special skills you possess which enable you to ensure the success of your plan.

o  Include any personal incentives for starting this business

o  Discuss any previous experience you possess in creating and operating a business in your chosen industry.

o  Write a brief industry analysis, with a discussion of existing competition, a SWOT analysis of your business. 

o  Write a detailed rational for selecting this type of business, insight into how it aligns with previous course work and your future plans. 

7.  This should be 4-5 pages in length.

For informational purposes only below is a summary of my project company  idea Please do not copy or paste from summary  complete  your own words.

My Company  project is listed below:

Company Overview: Catering Capers will be a new business to offer catering services to people in corporate functions, weddings, funerals, holiday parties and birthday parties. The business will help the people to enjoy their parties at the lowest possible rates by handling their eating and drinking themselves.

Industry: Catering business is growing very speedily and famous in delicate industries because it involves abundant cooking for a large number of people. In U.S., there are more than 10,000 listed caterers that have employed above 150,000 employees (Hill, n.d). The reason is this, there are numerous opportunities for caterers in this field all over the world. Almost, catering business in U.S. counts for $7 Billion profits. There is hardly a party or event that do not need catering services.

Profit or non-profit: Catering Capers is a nonprofit company because its major is not only to make money but to serve the community with the lowest rates and also providing homes, jobs and health facilities to poor people or employees. The company also involves in social service and create jobs for graduates.

Target market: Schools, wedding centers, houses, organizations, sports centers, event planners (Mplans, 2016).

Sales and marketing strategy: Recruiting experienced staff for sales and marketing, direct or referral marketing, online marketing, promotion of products, adopting guerilla marketing strategies, regular training programs

Stakeholders: Employees and shareholders are internal stakeholders and customers, government, communities, partners, suppliers, creditors are external stakeholders.

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