Case Briefs and Effective Writing, law homework help

Complete two case briefs using the same format that you used last week.  Complete parts A and C of Assignment 10, in Chapter 4 of your text, found on page 138 (3rd edition). The cases you are to brief are in Appendix A of your textbook; however, you may also obtain them in LexisNexis. Each case brief will be at least 1-2 pages long, single spaced, 12pt Times New Roman Font.  Make sure your name is at the top of the brief.  For this assignment, please turn in only 1 Word document.  Start the 2nd brief on page 2 or 3 of your document.      Important Note:

Case briefs are used to highlight the key information within a case for use by the briefer, as court cases can be quite lengthy.  When writing case briefs, all information must be properly cited.  Make sure you are not copying and pasting from  your source.  Most of the material should be  paraphrased; quotations should make up no more than 10% of the brief.  Since the purpose is to highlight and summarize key information, merely copying and pasting from the case does not accomplish this goal.  You must summarize the facts in your own words, using quotations sparingly.

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