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Case Study of a Criminal Offender                                                                                                               p7 

·  Jeffrey Dahmer.

In your paper:     (Jeffrey Dahmer)

·  Analyze how psychological assessments or evaluations were used in the criminal proceedings.

·  Describe your reaction to the court verdict and if you agree or disagree with the final disposition. If you agree, make sure that you thoroughly defend that position. If you do not agree, include what you believe would be the appropriate verdict and use appropriate critical reasoning.

Support your agreement or disagreement with examples from the offender’s history, referring to course materials as well as a minimum of two external sources beyond the assigned articles.

Additional Requirements

·  References: A minimum of three references.

·  Length of paper: 4–6 typed, double-spaced pages.

Using this 3 links

Jeffrey Dahmer articles:

·  Read Martens’s 2011 article, “Sadism Linked to Loneliness: Psychodynamic Dimensions of the Sadistic Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer <>,” from Psychoanalytic Review, volume 98, issue 4, pages 493-514.

·  Read Saborsky and Ramsland’s 2013 article, “Distance Diagnosis: Can We Really Tell Whether Dahmer Had Asperger’s Disorder? <>,” from Forensic Examiner, volume 22, issue 2, pages 42-48.

·  Read the 2014 article, “Serial Killers – Part 7: The FBI and Jeffrey Dahmer <>,” from The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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