Case Study of an act of espionage ,Intelligence Management

Your assignment is to conduct a case study of an act of espionage. It is really about writing a good story based on fact. The case can be one of economic espionage or it can be a good, old fashioned spy case in which a member plots and conducts operations to gain national security secrets. It can also be a counter intelligence case or a counter terrorist case. Check out this FBI site that lists cases in various categories. Please prepare your case study to include these elements: • An introductory section that summarizes the spy or spies, the plot, and the outcome; • A section that provides the details: what was the motive for this plot? What was the mechanism of the plot and which parts succeeded and which parts failed? How was the plot discovered? What damage did this event cause and to whom or what? • A section that explores the role of law enforcement and intelligence personnel including: was this a success story or was it sheer luck that the bad guy got caught? How did LE and intelligence personnel work together? • What was the most interesting fact in this case and why? What did the LE and intelligence communities learn from the case and how did they change to mitigate future cases like this (to the degree that this is possible). • A conclusion section that includes the bottom line. Your case study is limited to 3 double-spaced pages. Please cite your sources in the text of the study and provide a References page in APA format for the complete citations. Please dig deeper than the sites that I have given you here. Enjoy the hunt!! This assignment is due at the end of Week 5. Links on Economic Espionage: Check out this FBI site that lists cases in various categories:

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