CEO Pay Ratio Dilemma

CEO Pay Ratio Dilemma

Review the following articles.

Perform an Internet search for two to three sites related to and reporting CEO pay ratios with median employee salaries. Select a well-known company from your research.


  • 4-page paper, submitted as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file


  • 12- to 16-slide presentation (with audio or a written script) using the tool of your choice, including but not limited to the following:


Regardless of the format you select, your final project must answer the following questions:

  • If you were the CEO, how would you justify the ratio? (2 pages OR 6–8 slides)
  • If you were an employee, how would you address the CEO on the fairness and ethics of the ratio? (2 pages OR 6–8 slides)

Consider background information (for example, level of education and level and type of experience and success) on both sides of the issue.

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