Chief financial officer of ABC hospital, powerpoint presentation help

“As Chief financial officer of ABC hospital, you are responsible for providing guidance and leadership to your health care employees. You hold monthly meetings for high-level staff to address employee and other concerns. In your most recent staff meeting, you focused on trends that are alarming to you: a rising employee turnover rate and declining morale among staff. What leadership competencies are needed to reverse these trends? Propose a plan for the hospital that answers each of the questions below. The plan should include a short executive summary, a section with a heading for each question, and a conclusion that speaks to prioritization and implementation.

What strategies can you use to improve employee morale?

What strategies can you use to make sure that turnover doesn’t affect the bottom line (patients)?

How can you enhance communication among your staff to support staff needs and to ensure quality of care for patients?

High turnover often stems from a lack of managerial support and professional development. What training/professional development programs will you encourage or require your high-level staff to complete? Your lower-level staff? Will you train all staff in the same manner?

How can you involve your senior staff members in fostering continuous learning and training among employees at every level?

Will you open up your staff meetings so that all employees can attend? Explain your answer.

What expectations have been set forth for staff members? Are these realistic? Should they be changed?”

On your own, you will develop a solution to the case based on what works best for your role(Chief financial officer)

Develop the solution to the case that best meets the organization’s objectives and the needs of each role. The solution will include:

  • a statement of the organization’s objectives based on the facts of the case
  • an overall statement of the management challenge presented by the case
  • the proposal that best meets the challenge and the organization’s objectives, taking into consideration the needs of the departments represented by the student roles
  • a defense of the proposal

This part of the project should be a PowerPoint PresentationIncluding cover and Reference pages, Not More than 15 Slides

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