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Read the article, “Are we becoming a police state?  Five things that have civil liberties advocates nervous,” located at Be prepared to discuss.

From the e-Activity, debate whether or not America is moving closer to becoming a police state. Discuss the incidence, expense, and benefits of lawsuits against the police and their ability to prevent or not prevent our nation from moving toward a police state.

  • Illustrate the key aspects of U.S. Code Title 42, Section 1983 (page 239 of the textbook). Next, identify and discuss two (2) situations where someone can file a case under Section 1983.
  • Respond to the following statement:

    I do believe America is on the path of becoming a Police State. The past ten years are loaded with incidents that support my theory of a police state. Law enforcement breaks the law without any accountability and repercussions handed down. Police shootings of unarmed citizens as in the case of the therapist helping to calm a man with Autism a few weeks back. When there is no reprimand and officers are given paid leave for a month, the respect for individual rights diminishes, and a police state can take form. Another example, citizens of the US are under mass surveillance.  Case in point the Verizon incident in where Verizon was summoned to turn over its customer’s phone records.  Phone records that were private and now the government can see who we converse with and for how long the conversation lasted.  The fourth amendment violated. 

    The e-Activity article brought up valid points on why a Police State should never take place.  The one I found interesting is the topic that talks about drones being used to spy on Americans. The government tells us that the drones are used as a weapon to patrol the border and keeping drugs out of our country.  But the drone’s usage is way more than what they tell citizens. Inspecting our mail and emails are not enough, and now American citizens are subjected to being spied on by drones that can look through our windows. 

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