1. Classify each of the following industries or organizations as an oligopoly, a monopoly, or being monopolistically or perfectly competitive:
    1. Athletic shoes
    2. Restaurants
    3. Watches
    4. Aircraft
    5. Department of Motor Vehicles
    6. Aircraft
    7. Ice cream
    8. Electricity and utilities
  2. Write a 500-word paper defining each market structure, then explaining your categorization of these eight industries. If you are not sure, what information would you need to know in order to decide?

Use a minimum of three sources in addition to your text Textbook: Economics for Managers 3d Edition- Paul G. Farnham) with this assignment. Your three sources may include scholarly sources, credible newspapers, trade journals, or websites. Be sure to use OCLS to find these sources.

  1. Use APA formatting for your paper and citations.

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