common law and modification under the code ,law homework help

1.Explain the difference between modification of a contract at common law and modification under the code.

2.Explain the differences between a disputed and an undisputed debt.

3.Would an off-duty police officer who catches a criminal suspect in the city where he works be eligible for a reward offered for the criminal’s capture?Why or why not?

4.Explain how a composition agreement works.Why would a creditor be willing to agree to one?

5.Explain how in the concept of quasi-contract that the requirement for consideration can be seen as being met.

6.Why should small business owners understand the concept of contract modification and settlement of disputed and undisputed debts?

7.Give an example of an accord and satisfaction other than that provided in the Guide.

8.Explain the different types of conditions that can be found in a contract and give an example not given in the Guide or the book

9.Explain the differences between a material breach and a minor breach and how parties to a contract can disagree on the severity of a breach.

10.Explain the difference between objective and subjective impossibility.

This is for a business law course.


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