Communication and Leadership Essay – 3 Pages

Often employees must work in various teams on a multitude of projects or initiatives. In order to work successfully, employees must actively listen to other team members to solve what are often unstructured problems with integrity. In this Assignment you will test your active listening skills and your ability to analyze and synthesize information, and recommend a course of action. All of these skills are critical in today’s workplace and are prized by employers.

1. Read the background information.

The Company: PROScout Marketing

PROScout Marketing Mission Statement: We scout talent for tomorrow’s work. We are a focused team of professionals committed to finding the best qualified candidates for our clients. Job candidates are screened for the highest ethics, talent, skills, and abilities. We stand behind our efforts and candidates at the time of hire or we will not charge our clients a fee if the candidates are not acceptable.

2. Read the attached transcript carefully in regards to a phone message regarding an employee problem.

After you have read the transcript to the message the first time, read the checklist items below, and then listen again to the message taking detailed notes in response to those items. Begin writing only after you are sure you can respond well to each item.

3. Then respond to the following Checklist items:

  • Explain the problem or problems.
  • As the boss, what questions might you ask this employee to clarify your understanding? As the employee what questions might you ask your team to clarify your understanding?
  • Analyze what might be the best leadership approach (from the options in the attachment “Leadership Approaches”) for the boss in this situation based on the mission statement and explain why.
  • Based on your knowledge of conflict resolution from the chapter Reading, how might you resolve or respond to the problem(s)* as the employee? Problem-solving steps:*
    1. Define the problem or problems.
    2. What do you need to accomplish? What are the end goals?
    3. How important is each goal? What is the most important, second most important etc.
    4. Brainstorm alternatives
    5. Evaluate alternatives-Which is the best choice given the importance of the end goal(s)?
    6. Select the best solution, or a way forward.
  • What if the employee does not hear back from her boss in time, what communication process** particular to this scenario would you advise her to use to communicate effectively regarding the problem(s) to all concerned and why? Explain each communication process step (specific to the scenario) to be used regarding resolution of this problem(s).

Steps in the communication process (Robbins & Judge, 2015):**

  • Message to be sent by sender
  • Encoding the message
  • Channel selected: Formal or informal
  • Message received by Receiver
  • Message decoding by the Receiver (eliminating noise-distortion, overload or cultural barriers)
  • Feedback to sender
  • Reference

    Robbins, S. P. & Judge, T. A. (2015). Organizational behavior (16th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

    Provide a 3 page response to the checklist items above (also include an additional title and references page) using correct grammar, spelling, and APA format and citation style.

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