Compensation Linking Executive Pay to Performance. Discussion help

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Paragraph 1:Summarize the article Agenda: Compensation Linking Executive Pay to Performance. Define the topic(s). Identify key points made in the article.

Paragraph 2:Explain why this topic of Executive Compensation Packages is relevant to human resource management, especially strategic compensation. Make the connections: a) correlate the topic to one or more of the chapter outcomes, and (b) identify any new or reinforced concepts that tie to or integrate with the textbook(s) or other sources used in this course or prior courses. State the implications of the topic or topics from a Christian worldview (be sure to include connection to actual Scripture).

Paragraph 3:Provide your analysis and opinion of the topic. What areas of address in the article are capable of immediate application, either personally or professionally? Identify areas of agreement or disagreement? What was your favorite quote? What new term(s) may be added to your growing lexicon? Identify questions for future inquiry. What topic(s) or resource lead(s) did the article provide for which you have further interest in researching (e.g., a;referenced article, website, film, YouTube clip, or book)?

Note: Annotated bibliography entries are written in block paragraph form using single spacing, as is illustrated in the Purdue OWL example. The reason is that it provides a condensed reference format for ease of reference at a later date. When writing your annotated bibliography entry, do not include the paragraph designations: Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3. These were used above to better illustrate the required format for the bibliographies. Bibliographies make use of paraphrasing. The only actual direct quote that should be included in your annotation is the one used to describe your favorite quote as indicated in the Paragraph 3 description above. The following Purdue OWL website provides useful information about the importance of paraphrasing, the six steps to achieve effective paraphrasing, and examples:


Agenda: Compensation Linking Executive Pay to Performance article…

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