Complete a Risk assessment- read instructions

(NOTE: Lecture attached to assist with assignment)

Complete information requested in each form. Additional information may include video, audio, photograph, sketches, etc., to better demonstrate the information provided in the assessment.

Using the attached Risk Assessment (docx) and Risk Assessment (pdf) form provided, obtain permission from the appropriate authority and conduct a risk assessment of a local business, institution, organization, or corporation.

Risk Assessment form


  1. Select an industry or type of workplace e.g. manufacturing, auto repair, restaurant, or other service facility, etc., and complete a risk assessment.
  2. Examine the workplace, sketch and photograph any identified Hazards such as wet/slippery floors; uneven pavement or walkways; loose or missing railing or banisters, etc. Choose the top 3 or 4 Risks (in your opinion) and include them on your Worksheet.
  3. Apply the Risk Assessment Chart to each of the identified Risks and assess them.
  4. Identify ways to eliminate, minimize, or otherwise control the identified risks on the Risk Assessment form.

Grading Criteria:

Application: Exceptional: Thoroughly and exceptionally completed the Risk Assessment form. Demonstrated exceptional understanding of the assignment by differentiating between hazards and risks. Thoroughly identified hazards with corresponding descriptions of the risks and unique strategies for mitigating risks and neutralizing the hazards.

Content: Form was completed in all aspects. Information was exceptionally well-presented in a logical, interesting sequence organized with smooth transitions.

APA and source citation: Demonstrated mastery in the use and application of APA writing and citing style (less than 3 errors). Sources used included information beyond the text, and were exceptionally well-integrated and supported the Risk Assessment.

Grammar and mechanics: Exceptional use of grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Clear indication of personalization of the information through appropriate paraphrasing rather than apparent over-reliance on direct source quotations. Relevant quotations used.

Critical thinking: Identified 3+ Risks and Hazards beyond the Risk Assessment form.

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