concept analysis paper on the topics of community development, community and change, management homework help

I need a draft for a concept analysis paper on the topics of  community development, community and change.

Each concept must be 700 words and show an understanding of these terms and reflect on your own learning from this task.

As I am spending a great deal of money, I would like this to be completed at a very high standard.

A few points to consider may be:

·  Are there differences in definitions of the concept

·  How is the concept applied in different settings eg. education, health, policy

·  What are the debates or critiques surrounding these concept

·  How does the use of the concept relate to your own experience and or area of work

word length 2100 long


Evidence of critical reflection of concepts

A strong understanding of each concept supported by readings 

Ideas that are logical and contain a good structure 

Appropriate use of grammar, conventions and referencing 

Integration of relevant reading material  

Note: I will give a few reading to the tutor once I know they will not disclose any information to the public. 

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