Constitution of an individual in social realism, sociology homework help

Man is considered as a species-being and this notion is due to the nature and environment in which he lives and his work becomes his reality of life. Socialization however can also be affected by certain external factors that affect the society and its individuals and can sometimes cause positive effects. Write a paper on the edifice and constitution of an individual in social realism and veracity.

The paper is to be 3-4 typed pages (that is, no less than 3, no more than 4, so approximately 1,000 words), double spaced, with 1-inch margins, submitted as an MS Word documentand.PST. If you use any sources, that is, if you quote, paraphrase, or refer to any material from any source, including the one(s) assigned, you must cite your sources in proper MLA format and include a Works Cited page.

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