Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, week 1 disscusion help

Each student should pick one term or phrase from the list below, and educate their fellow students on its definition and primary purpose in constitutional law.  After the terms have been defined, students should, in their response posts, locate a federal case and teach the class how the term is used in the judicial system.  Give a brief summary of your case, along with your lesson to the class. Remember you may only choose a term that has not already been selected and you must find a case for a term that you did not originally define.

The terms or phrases are as follows:
Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, bicameral, federalists & antifederalists, case law, majority opinion, concurring opinion, dissenting opinion, stare decisis, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, United States Code, enumerated power, Necessary and Proper Clause, Electoral College, impeach, executive privilege, executive immunity, executive order, presidential proclamation, inherent power, diversity of citizenship and eminent domain.

Resources for Assessment:

  • Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapters 1 and 2

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