Consumer Behavior, business and finance homework help

this assignment will assess the following outcomes:

1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of buyer behavior and lifestyle analysis.

2. apply relevant theories and concepts to a business scenario.

Task: 1000 Words

background: previous marketing studies revealed that of all the factors that shape consumer buying behavior, cultural factors have the broadest and deepest influence. Marketers then should first look into how the people’s culture and subculture and its accompanying values, beliefs and customs affect their buying behavior. for if a firm does not understand the culture of the population it is targeting, the chance of selling its product will be small. culture and subculture, therefore, must be fully understood before behavior of individuals within the cultural context can be appreciated. in view of this, you are required to do the following:

1. critically discuss the cultural factors that influence consumers in the buying behavior and decisions.

2. using the product that you investigated, choose and analyze two cultural factors that influence the buying behavior and the buying decisions of consumers to purchase the products that you have presented.

note: the company I have chosen is Al Sallan Food Industries Oman which located in the Sultante of Oman and the product I have chosen is Protein Bread, which is a new product that the company is doing nowadays.

The report should be as following procedure.


– general discussion of consumer behavior

– Background of the chosen company and its products


-detailed explanation of the cultural factors influencing consumer buying behavior and decisions.

– Analysis of two cultural factors influencing food consumers in their buying behavior and buying decisions.

Conclusion and recommendation

References: Harvard Style ( Minimum 5 )

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