Continuity Of Operation Plan (COOP), management homework help

– I prefer if you did the COOP before to make sure that its easy for you.

– I need it very simple because this is the first COOP for as a beginner student.

– The whole thing is related to disaster management.

– 12-15 pages are good.

Briefly, Continuity of operations refers to the process of ensuring that agencies, governments, businesses, etc. are able to continue to function what struck by disaster or a catastrophic event.

Please consider these instructions:

– Review the FEMA Multi-Year Guide because it is most helpful (attached below).

– Choose an entity such as a business, community center, hospital etc.

– Determine what critical infrastructures and key resources the entity provides and uses.

– Describe briefly why each CI/KR is important.

– Use Annex C of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plan as a guide to write a brief report of your entity’s COOP.

I attached four files,I hope you them read before you start them except you have a full background about it.

This assignment is very crucial for me,

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