Costs and Benefits of Responding to Incentives, management assignment help

Instructions: Answer the following questions with a minimum of 350-word count. Separate the questions into different paragraphs, total of at least 4 paragraphs. The only source you can use is the one I provided for you, NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. Use APA Format to include in-text citation and a reference. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!! Please read the material prior to answering the questions. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is the reference that you will use:

Sexton, R. L. (2013). Exploring Economics, 6e. In R. L. Sexton. Mason: South-Western CENGAGE Learning.

Explain a situation in which you responded to an incentive.

What were some of the benefits of how you responded?

What were the opportunity costs?

Did the benefits end up outweighing the costs or were the costs greater than the benefits?

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