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You are the crime scene investigator and are working a homicide scene. You will select any ONE of the following type of criminal events listed below and explain in detail how you would document the crime scene, collect the evidence and the approach used to process and assess bloodstain evidence at a crime scene. For example you may wish to follow the Decision Map with explanation and examples. Be sure to provide Bloodstain characteristics and Analysis, etc.

The following scenes A through C are general descriptions, you may add any additional information, evidence, you wish to complete the scene to your needs, such as time frame, weather conditions, etc.

Crime Scene A:

You have a shooting situation inside a home. A male is found lying on his bed to his left side, with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head, the weapon is on the floor. The bed is directly against the wall of the bedroom. You have bloodstains on the weapon, bedding, victim and wall.

Crime Scene B:

You have a shooting situation in which the male victim is found sitting in the driver’s side seat slumped over the steering wheel, he had been shot in the back of his head multiple times. You have blood stain evidence on the steering wheel, driver side door, driver side window, and windshield and in the rear of the vehicle on the floor and rear seat.

Crime Scene C:

You have a female victim found lying in a hallway vestibule of her apartment building. She has knife wounds to her neck area, abdomen, to her right side, both of her hands and forearms. She is lying in a pool of blood between the entrance door from the outside and entry door leading to the interior of the apartment building. The inner vestibule has on one wall a buzzer entry system with the apartment listings. The entry doors are made of wood that border large glass windows. You will find bloodstain evidence on all the walls, floor and doors and buzzer system.

The Final Essay must be at least 1500 words total for Part 1 & 2. The student must utilize APA format and utilize at least (4) scholarly references.

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