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Adapting Solutions to Problems Part 1: Solution

For the Adapting Solutions to Problems Part 1: Solution posting, you will post your creative solution that you developed for the scenario and explain how you developed it. You do not need to respond to others posts, but it would be a good idea to read others’ response

Critical thinking involves using a rational, calculated approach to a problem. But rationality does not preclude creativity. In many ways they are intertwined. This week you will have the opportunity to practice combining the two.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You are a regional manager of a major corporation. You are planning to open a new branch office and need to determine who will spearhead the development and management of the branch. You have just the candidate in mind—Sharla Hunt. She has been with the company for more than 10 years and has worked with you on several other projects. She is intelligent and hard-working. Most of all, she communicates well, and her colleagues like and respect her. Hunt deserves the promotion, and you feel confident she would be successful. The CEO of your company has just sent you an e-mail about the position, hinting that his nephew, Aaron, would be an excellent fit for the position. You are not told that you must hire him, but the strong suggestion is made. Unfortunately, you know Aaron’s reputation as being “all talk and no action.” He has offended many employees with his swagger and name-dropping, while contributing little to productivity. In fact, you recently lost a new client due to Aaron’s blunders.

For this Discussion, develop a creative solution that you believe will satisfy the CEO, Aaron, Sharla, and your own conscience.

As you formulate your initial Discussion posting, contemplate the following statements and questions about adapting to problems, incorporating them into your writing as you formulate your solution. You do not necessarily have to answer these directly, but they are intended to stimulate your critical thinking process, and they should form a background for your response. Evidence of your reasoning will be a component of your weekly Discussion grade.

  • As you complete your solution, reflect on your use of creative thinking, the processes you used, and the assumptions you made to arrive at your solution.
  • Consider the challenges you encountered in developing your solution.
  • What barriers may have restricted your use of creative solutions?

Post by Day 3 the creative solution that you developed for the scenario and explain how you developed it. NO WORD COUNT!! Please Cite In APA format

some added resources to take from
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