Defining Leadership, business and finance assignment help

Write 2–3 pages in which you reflect on your own understanding of leadership and your approach to developing leadership skills, and explain how leadership differs from management.

Research the definition of leadership and consider how the definitions you find match your own ideas of what leadership means. Based on your research and your own self-reflection, address the following:

  • What is your definition of leadership?
  • Why is it important to have a definition of leadership? How does your definition support your perspective on the concept of leadership?
  • When you think about developing your leadership skills, what type of approach do you use? Do you develop a plan based on your definition, or do you simply follow your instincts?
  • What is your definition of management?
  • Explain the differences between leadership and management.

Format your paper according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting guidelines, including a title page as well as a references page with APA-formatted citations. Your completed assessment should be 2–3 pages in length (page count not including the title page and references). Include references from at least two scholarly sources.

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