Description of the Assignment

I. Purpose
The purpose of this experiential learning activity is to apply nursing leadership knowledge and skills to plan for organizational change with system-wide impact. (CO 2, 3, 5)

III. Requirements
Description of the Assignment

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to:

Create an evidence-based plan for system-wide change guided by a selected organizational change model
Engage in high-level decision-making processes common in the nurse executive role
Use reflective practice knowledge and skills in making high level decision making and change management
IV. Preparing the Assignment
Address all components of the Advanced Communication in Systems Leadership paper as outlined under “Assignment Directions and Criteria”.
The paper is graded on quality and completeness of information, depth of thought, organization following outline provided, substantive narrative, use of citations, use of Standard English, and writing conventions.
American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (current ed.). Washington, DC: Author. Is the source used for this paper
Required elements
Title page, reference page
Use Microsoft Word
Page numbers, running head, doubles-spaced, times new roman, 12pt font, 1″ margins, level 1 headings
Paper length: 7 maximum, excluding reference page and title page
Scholarly sources
Minimum of four (4) scholarly resources no older than 5 years (See: What is a Scholarly Source under APA resources)
Use spell check and grammar check and correct all errors
Compare final draft to detailed outline directions to ensure all required elements included
Submitting the paper


You will use the following headings for your paper:

Approach to the organizational mandate
Purpose of the paper
Overview of the tasks, potential challenges, and implications of a reduction in workforce
Part II: Reduction in Workforce-Deciding
Using Human Resources (HR) metrics Table 1
Approach, choices, rationale
Challenges presented (including role of ethics)
Using HR metrics with Relative Information Table 2
Approach, choices, rational
Challenges presented
Conflicts raised
Negotiation used
Part III: Reduction in Workforce-Planning the Change
Overview of reorganization plan including timeline
Plan for change and application of Kotter’s or Rogers’ change model
Anticipated conflict (three areas) and the benefits of using a change model
Healthy work environment
Describe department and system-wide implications, impact, and conflict
Strategies for addressing morale and motivation of remaining workforce
Restatement of purpose
Overview of tasks
What was learned

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