Determining the Legal Boundaries Within Which A Corporate “Person” Lives, business and finance homework help

In this assignment, using the appropriate legal terminology and focusing on the fundamental principles of business law, you will explain the differences between civil and criminal law, illustrating the effect each has on business and commerce.

Based on your readings, discussions, and From the Experts (FTEs), write a three- to four-page essay distinguishing the differences between civil and criminal law and analyzing how each category of law should and should not affect business and commerce in America. Papers must:

  • Explain the fundamental differences between criminal and civil law as they apply to a corporation.
  • Identify the specific elements you believe constitute a “good” law with respect to commerce.
  • Describe the degree or threshold to which a law should (or should not) impede commerce.
  • In support of your position, cite and elaborate on the opinion you espoused in either of the Discussion Questions: mandatory arbitration provisions or corporate “personhood.”
  • Provide examples and references to support your thesis.

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