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Please provide a comprehensive response of (between 120-400 characters) to each of these discussion questions. Remember that this is not an essay, so you won’t need to worry about formatting, but instead please focus on quality of writing, editing, proofreading and proper sentence structure because this is Masters level assignment in humanities.

1. To what extent do you think the “default subject position” still shapes gender in cyberspace?

2. Briefly characterize the 5 elements or approaches to the issue of gender in cyberspace the lecture lays out, underscoring what you think is the most essential point for each of the 5 areas, and then argue for what do you find to be the most serious and distressing aspect of sexism in cyberspaces.

3. What do you see as the most positive aspects of digital cultures for women? What gender equity projects do you think are most important and likely to be successful?

“Open Letter” & “An Imagined Feminist Internet”

1. What do you see as the most important questions facing those who wish to make the Internet more feminist, more equal in terms of gender?

2. Which suggested solutions do you find more important, or most viable?

3. How would your imagined feminist internet be like or unlike the one suggested by these authors’s questions?


1. What can the example of the Twitter controversy tell us about the general state of gender in cyberspaces?

Blakely, “Social Media and the End of Gender”

1. What do you see as the strengths of Blakely’s analysis?

2. Is Blakely’s analysis more technological determinist or more technocultural?

2. Do you think there are alternative explanations for the phenomena Blakely outlines?

3. Do you think the phenomena she describes will really bring about an “end to gender”? Why or why not?

Your welcome to use external sources anytime just to get your background information about content but all the sources you will need is. If any of the the links don’t open, just use an external site: This is not a research or an essay but only a discussion. But you need to cite everytime you draw direct information from any of these sources or any external ones.

Divya Manian, et al., An Open Letter on Feminism in Tech

Zimmerman, Twitter’s Real Diversity Problem

Blakely, Social Media and the End of Gender

APC, Imagine a Feminist Internet

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