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Heres my assignment: Combine your revised versions of your previous Phase I, II, and III papers into a Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation.

Prepare a 15- to 20-minute oral presentation accompanied by 15- to 20 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides illustrating your Marketing Plan (steps 1 – 10). Include steps 9c – 10 in your presentation:

So basically I need a 15-20 powerpoint slide made from the attached files for a new product(A Gucci hair place). It also will need the following steps in its slides:

9c. Place

1. Direct or Indirect channel design

2. Channel partner(s) justification

3. Level of Market Exposure – Intensive, Selective, or Exclusive?

d. Promotion

  • Include how you will use at least three of the following elements:
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Digital marketing, including social media
    • Sales promotion
    • Direct marketing
    • Event marketing
    • Outdoor

10. Budget for marketing plan

  • Prepare a pie chart showing the dollars/percentages budgeted for the first year.
  • Provide justification for your choices.

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