discuss the added value of a Forced Ranking System, management homework help

Based on your experiences, discuss the added value of a Forced Ranking System.

  • How do we as HRM professionals objectively determine the “value” of a Forced Ranking System?
  • Then, discuss the problems of a Forced Ranking System that should be taken into consideration by human resource professionals.

ranking system

Additional Key Elements of the Assignment:

Your Initial Post should occur in a timely manner (by the third day of the module for full timeliness points). Include the original questions along with your initial, informative post. Support your post with information from at least one reference and provide the complete source information (so that your peers can find the article if they wish). Bring in your own personal experiences, as applicable.

Your Subsequent Posts: Read through responses by peers and post responses to at least two classmates’ posts. Bring in ideas/comments and/or research not mentioned yet.

Remember: To receive full credit in this forum, you need to post a minimum of three quality posts (your own initial post, and responses to two classmates). Only one outside source is needed (in the initial post). But in any post, if you borrow ideas/information from other authors, give them credit for their work.

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