Do you believe the NCAA is a cartel? Why or why not?, discussion help

Assignment from nickkynickky

 I need both discussion questions answered with references.  Please also be sure to answer ALL questions and provide examples.

1. Do you believe the NCAA is a cartel? Why or why not? How does the NCAA lack some of the legal protections that shield professional sports (e.g., Major League Baseball) from antitrust suits? Do you believe college athletes are a work force of young adults, or students seeking an education? Why? Do you think it would be worthwhile to see someone challenge this NCAA position (essentially being a cartel) in court? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to support your examples. 

2.  Which of the four market structures does your employer most closely fit? Explain what the company you work for does, and why it fits into the market structure you have decided.  For this question, you need to know that I work at a bank. wells fargo.

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