Drug User Research Paper help

This is the first paper in a series of two papers on the same drug. For these papers you will choose one drug to research from multiple angles.

For this assignment, you will effectively be getting inside the head of the drug user and seeing the problem from their perspective. Write a research paper discussing what the use and abuse of one specific drug from a user’s immediate perspective. Basically I want you to explain why people choose to use/abuse the drug, how the actual “high” impacts them positively and negatively, what impact addiction has on everyday life, and how easy it is to hide the abuse and/or quit using the drug. What I don’t want to see is medical statistics, a discussion of long term use problems, arrest figures, unemployment data, etc. Remember that the goal is to first understand and then explain drug use/abuse from the user’s perspective, not society’s perspective. You will need at least six peer reviewed sources (one of which can be the Buzzed text). You will write an academic paper that contains at least 6 pages of content (not including title page, abstract, or bibliography). The paper should look like this:

Title Page (1 page)

Abstract (1 page)
Main Paper (at least 6 pages)

– Introduction

– Body

– Conclusion

Bibliography (1-2 pages, only needed if you are writing option 1)

Before turning in the paper, make sure it includes: 
– 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins

– At least 6 pages of content

– Your last name somewhere in the file name

– At least 6 sources (if you choose option 1)
– APA 6th edition citation and referencing (remember that any in text citation needs a corresponding entry on the bibliography, and any entry on the bibliography needs corresponding in text citations). 
– Be sure to proofread carefully as graduate students are expected to submit papers free of spelling and grammatical errors  

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