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1) I am interested in a competent empirical analysis of a question you pose and which can be investigated with the IPUMS-CPS.  As such there is no need to read papers relating to your topic and no need for citations or a bibliography.

2) The paper should be typed and about 6-8 pages of text is sufficient, plus tables.  Be sure to explain exactly how your variables are coded and the source CPS questions used.

3) When you hand in your paper, attach your log files for all output used in the tables. You should also keep your data used on your computer since if I have any doubts about the authorship of the paper and I may ask you to see me, with your computer, so I can verify that you did the work.

4) The papers are due in the last lecture.  Papers handed in the next day (or put in my mailbox after the lecture) will have 10 points subtracted, and any paper handed in later than the next day will be given a zero grade.

5) If any students are looking at earnings for more than 1 year, be sure to create a real earnings measure using the CPI provided in the IPUMS (the variable is CPI99 and may be found in the Household field, Technical).

You must find the data from

When you finish the paper, please send the paper with status output to me. I have uploaded a related reading and my outline. Please follow the outline to complete the writing. PLEASE 100% NO PLAGIARISM!!!

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