economy of biodiversity mod 4 Slp

For this Module’s SLP assignment read the following articles:

Duncan, Emma. All creatures great and small. The Economist Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 3. Accessed at… on August 16, 2016.

And Brazil’s conversion: Trees of knowledge. The Economist Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 13. Accessed at…, on August 16, 2016.

Write a 3- to 4-page page paper discussing the following:

  • Why did the Paragominas support their mayor?

Address the following in your answer:

  • What level of biodiversity does the Brazilian Amazon support?
  • What is deforestation and why is it practiced?
  • How does deforestation affect the Brazilian Amazon?
  • What is the history behind the fight against deforestation? Who spoke out against it? What role did the population of Brazil play in changing Paragomias from a logging town to a site of environmental protection?
  • What role did the Brazilian federal environmental police play and how were they appointed initially?
  • How do education and technology play a role in reducing deforestation in Brazil?

SLP Assignment Expectations

You are provided with many scholarly references to complete this assignment. Include a References section that lists these and any additional sources you used, formatted in APA style. For any additional research you are required to do to complete your assignment, please use scholarly references such as a peer-reviewed journal article or a government-sponsored or university-sponsored website. As you read through your sources, take notes from your sources and then write your paper in your own words, describing what you have learned from your research. Direct quotes should be limited and must be designated by quotation marks. Paraphrased ideas must give credit to the original author, for example (Murray, 2014). Direct copying from “homework help” websites will not receive credit.

For this SLP assignment, you are required to organize your answers to these questions in essay format. Be sure that you include an Introductory paragraph that gives your audience a brief overview of what your paper is about and what you are going to cover. Each topic that you introduce in this Introductory paragraph should correspond with a paragraph in the body that addresses it. Include a Conclusion paragraph that summarizes your discussion of the Economist articles.

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