Emerging industry, management homework help

Chosen Emerging Industry: 3D Printing.

Do you research. Write clear and concise answers and limit your response to 500 words per question. Please provide graphs to prove its emergence. You must work independently and cite all your sources.


1) Clearly define your chosen emerging industry in your own words and prove it is emerging by showing and interpreting evidence, e.g. growth in patents, customers/users, jobs, government investment, private investment, number of firms, sales, employees, etc. over time – from near the beginning of the industry to the present.

2) Choose one ethical dilemma that is relevant to your chosen emerging industry and address how this dilemma is influencing industry emergence and what could be done to address this dilemma in order to increase industry emergence.

3) Assess the likely effects of the election of Trump and Clinton on the emergence of your chosen industry.

4) Describe the structure of your emerging industry, i.e. distribution of companies by size, focus, and location, and assess how its structure affects competition, innovation, and industry emergence.

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