Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, management assignment help

You will be researching Bank of America for the questions below

When you submit the answers for each chapter, they must be cited and grammatically correct, as well as have proper APA style references at the end. Each question should be addressed in a substantive paragraph
(5-10 sentences in length). Double space between questions, but single space question answers.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

1.  How would you characterize the ethical climate of your company? What evidence is there to support your conclusion? If there have been any problems, try to determine whether this was due to the isolated actions of rogue managers or to more systemic, organization wide problems.

2.  Does the organization undertake investments related to corporate social responsibility or the natural environment and sustainability that go beyond its narrow economic self-interest? If so, what kind of investments has it made? Whom do these investments benefit? Do you approve of these investments?

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