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Develop a Questionnaire

Marketing researchers must become highly skilled at developing survey questions used in the construction of a data collection form. In this Assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to create a viable research study questionnaire using the knowledge you attain from Chapters 12 and 13 in your textbook. Be sure to conduct additional research to learn best practices used in marketing research questionnaire development. In this Assignment, you will also engage in developing the following professional competency:

  • Make ethical decisions and solve problems.
  • Remember, it’s essential that you consider the ethics behind every question you develop. Always consider the validity of your questions before making them ready for data collection.

    Directions for completing this Assignment

    Complete the five-step exercise to develop a questionnaire:

    Step 1: Read the example Case study and questionnaire called “School of Business”

    Step 2: Develop survey questions based on the case study listed below:

    Step 3: Locate a free online survey tool to use in preparing your 10-question survey. The most popular survey building tool on the Internet is Survey Monkey©. Go to the website and create a free account.

    Step 4: Based on the topic of the case study, formulate a research problem that can be studied in a marketing research project. Design a 10-question market research survey using the free survey building tool that will help you collect viable data to inform your research study. You must prepare open-ended, closed-ended, and scaled response questions in your survey. Save and publish the survey. Copy the link. Post the link in the Webliography section of the course room. Review a minimum of two surveys created by your fellow learners. Using the email tool in the course, send a private email communication letting your fellow learners know how they might improve their questions.

    Step 5: In a Microsoft Word document, provide the following information and submit it to the Dropbox for grading:

    • Provide a brief explanation of the research problem you formulated based on the case study.
    • Provide a link to the survey you developed using the free survey tool.
    • Explain the validity of each question you developed. Use research to support your explanation.

    For additional requirements in relation to this Assignment, download the grading rubric below.

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