Finding Maryland Law, business and finance homework help

Instructions: Google “Annotated Code of Maryland”; then, click on “Annotated Code of Maryland – Maryland Law Resources …” (third line down) and the “University of Maryland Maryland Law Resources” will appear; next, under the heading “Online Sources,” click on the link “Maryland Code Online from Michie’s Legal Resources” and then click on the “I agree” button. Voila, the “Unannotated Code of Maryland Rules” appears. Then, answer the following questions according to the Code of Maryland:

1. What is the meaning of an “attorney of law” and a “lawyer”?

2. How many days does the owner of a barbershop have to reinstate an expired barbershop


3. How late can a licensee hold live thoroughbred racing at Pimlico Race Course?

4. In which county are new or used car dealers not allowed to sell a motor vehicle on Sunday?

5. How many trustees are permitted on the board of regional community colleges like


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