Focus on Skills 7.2 Developing a Fact Sheet That Describes U.S. Culture, writing homework help

Focus on Skills 7.2

Developing a Fact Sheet That Describes U.S. Culture

In this chapter you have learned about Kluckhohm and Strodbeck’s value orientation theory and applied it to U.S. culture. Think about how this theory could be used to describe another culture with which you are familiar. Developing the skill to better understand your own culture as well as others will facilitate more effective intercultural communication.

Assume you are a communication major at a U.S. university. Your College of Communication has had an increase in international students from India, South Korea, and Japan. You’ve been asked to be on the committee to develop a fact sheet on U.S. culture to send to these students before they arrive on campus. The committee has decided to focus on cultural variables relevant to the classroom and your local community.

  1. Develop your version of the fact sheet on U.S. culture.
  2. You begin to wonder if a similar fact sheet should be given to students on your campus reared in the United States in order to prepare them for the international students. What do your fellow U.S. students need to know?

2. Of all the chapters in the text, the author received the most email on chapter 8. Half of the emails complained that the chapter is anti-Muslim, the other half complained it was pro-Muslim. Why do you think this chapter has generated the most feedback? How can the views of the chapter be so drastically different with half seeing the angle of the chapter opposite from the other half? How would you advise the author to respond.

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