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Forbes picks 25 businesses that have sound business models, strong balance sheets and steady profits—all privately owned and closely held. They contribute to their communities. They have been acknowledged as outstanding by their peers. And they do things any business can learn from. The list is unranked and represents a wide range of industries including American manufacturing. Select one of the companies on the list that has not already been chosen by a classmate. Use the sign-up form located in Moodle’s session 18 to see who has selected what company and to enter your choice. It is based upon a first come, first serve basis. Hint: Before making your selection, do some minimal research to ensure that you have access to information about the company. Once you have signed up for your company, research the company to identify specifics on why this company has been included in Forbes rating. I would recommend the following format in putting this together: • Introduction of Company. Tell me about the company, products sold, how long in business, “their story”, etc. Whatever helps me in understanding your company, including any research in addition to what is in the article. • Why is the Company in this Ranking? Provide an explanation of why this company is included in the Forbes Small Giants including specific detailed factual information to support your position. • Challenges Faced by Your Company. How is this company impacted by external and internal issues such as the competitive, political, economic, socio-cultural or technological environment? • Predictions. Clearly explained predictions of how the company might fare long-term with good rationale. Include any recommendations that you may have.

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