health management case analysis, writing homework help

The textbook “cases readings and commentary” is tenth edition and page from 195 to 203, the name of the case is “improving organizational development in health services”
4-page max double-spaced.
1. Summarize the facts, organize the information, and classify the information into groups of available data and gaps in data.
2. Infer other information from the facts. For example: Who are the major players and what are their perspectives and interrelationships? What are the critical issues as defined by the key players? How does the influence of the player affect or alter the importance of the issue?
3. Identify themes, issues, and problems raised by the case. Generally, the cases have many issues that can be addressed. Some are more important than others. Cull out and prioritize the important issues. Questions to contemplate might include: Why do these problems exist? Who needs to be involved in the solution? From where will support or resistance come in resolving the issue? To what extent are the necessary solutions long or short term? To what extent are these system problems or people problems?
4. Generate alternatives to solve the problem or address the issues.
5. Evaluate the alternatives.
6. Make a recommendation. Do not sit on the fence. Do not bunt. Do not abstain. Do not pass. Commit.
or answer the case questions followed after the case detailedly

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