You have to follow the directions and your answer must be by your own words and please no plagiarism also the homeworrk should be printed and here is the directions
Homework 1 Questions: Chapter 15 (Foner, Give Me Liberty!)
Download this HW1 file: 311 O HW1.docx

You should type your answers into this Word document (first download it to your desktop from Canvas), keeping both the original question and its number.
You’ll upload these completed homework questions/answers to our Canvas course by the Sunday 11:59PM deadline for credit.
Read the Homework Guide under our Week 3 module for more tips on how to improve your homework assignments.

NOTE: It is critical that the answers you provide are written in your own words. Only when you choose to quote directly from the textbook, may you borrow/copy the words of your author or his subjects, and then you must set out the copied/quoted material with quotation marks and page number reference noted in parenthesis at the end of the quote, e.g. (30). The point here is to develop the ability to discuss history in your own words, using occasional quotes with proper formatting. Anyone found to be copying words from the text and not properly quoting them will be penalized with a zero or reduced score for plagiarism.
Answer each of the following questions:

What visions of freedom did the former slaves and slaveholders pursue in the postwar South? (Hint: be sure to read the “Voices of Freedom” documents to help you with this).
How did black families, churches, schools, and other institutions contribute to the development of African-American culture and political activism in this period?
By what methods did southern whites seek to limit African-American civil rights and liberties?
Who provided the main political support for Reconstruction in Congress, and what was the specific intent of the fourteenth amendment?
Why did ownership of land and control of labor become major points of contention between former slaves and whites in the South?
How did the failure of land reform and continued poverty lead to new forms of servitude for both blacks and whites?
What caused the confrontation between President Johnson and Congress over Reconstruction policies?
In what sense did Reconstruction bring about a “Great Constitutional Revolution”?
The women’s movement split into two separate national organizations in part because the Fifteenth Amendment did not give women the vote. Explain why the two groups split.
What national issues and attitudes combined to bring an end to Reconstruction by 1877?

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