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Unit Three: Lab Questions

Hunt the Hazards <- your first lab link

Virtual Hotel

1. What are 5 different ways that a workplace hazard can be fixed in the activity? Describe each.

2. What is one hazard that you found in the reception area? What did you recommend to fix the situation? Did this make the situation less hazardous?

3. In one of the situation at the hotel bar, an intoxicated individual asks for another drink. How should the bartender handle the situation?

4. Why is it important to use the correct chemicals in hotels?

5. In any part of the hotel, what are the most important hazards to take care of first? What is an example of this?

6. Imagine that you are working in a gift shop and a robber comes in. The robber demands the money from the cash register. What should you do in this situation? Why?

7. What are some of the common injuries in a hotel kitchen?

8. In many areas of the hotel, heavy items, such as tables, boxes, supplies, etc., need to be moved. What are some of the ways that staff members can move these items safely? Describe at least three different ways from the game.

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